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TriPort 15

 TriPort 15 product page

  • Designed for  advanced laparoscopic procedures in general, urological and Ob/Gyn surgery.
  • All valves allow the use of curved/straight and articulating instruments. The flexibility of the ports allows for increased instrument manoeuvrability.
  • 2x 5mm valves
  • 1x 15mm valve reducible to 5mm
  • Fits abdominal sizes up to 10cm
  • Incision range: 12mm to 25mm. If the incision is made within the margins of the umbilicus the resulting scar is virtually undetectable.
  • TriPort 15 sleeve provides wound protection and helps streamline specimen removal.
  • The internal anchoring ring stays flush against the abdominal wall providing almost immediate vision once the scope has passed through the incision.
  • The removal ribbon allows easy removal of the device.
  • A  blunt tip atraumatic introducer is supplied for safe and easy introduction of TriPort+  through a Hasson incision into the abdominal cavity.
  • Click Here to Download Instructions for Use


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